Valienska Magfira, Paul Photenhauer

How to Cook with Semen

Semenology and The Natural Harvest Cookbooks by Paul Photenhauer

At what point does the taboo of consuming human secretions start and end? Taboos such as these perhaps become normalized as sexual fetishes. From there on we would think ‘ah right, just one of those fetishes’. But if we were to consume human secretions simply for culinary pleasures, it would be considered either disgusting or exotic depending on the presentation and context.


Semenology by Paul Photenhauer - Paul Photenhauer

Paul Photenhauer is the author of Semenology and The Natural Harvest. Both are cookbooks (although Semenology is more specific to mixology) that offer a collection of recipes using semen as the main ingredient.  

As seen through the books’ reviews, many have bought it as a gag for wedding gifts or conversation starters. However, there are not that many that have posted reviews on the recipes themselves unfortunately. Photenhauer have defended his work by criticizing our consumption of animal fluids and our attitudes towards eating habits from different cultures as delicacies where it would otherwise be viewed as disgusting. He then argues that due to the unique flavours of semen (as well as the variety of it), like wine, or caviar, it can also be casually consumed with an acquired taste.

The craft of mixology as well as cooking is in itself experimentative. It’s reasonable to go beyond the usual and spice up an old recipe with an exotic ingredient. But what can be most exotic during these times while being the most accessible? It’s right there if you think hard enough.