Maria Bacila

Eating the Future

Exploring food beyond the plate

Food-4-Evah explores how the human body might adapt to a world of post-processed meals. Could you get used to food from the future? In exploring this question, photographer/teacher Ursula van de Bunte puts herself under observation, in an effort to predict how the disappearance of eggs, milk and meat will impact us.


Food-4-Evah - Will humans ever live in an excrement-free reality? Ursula's collage, 1.50 x 1.50 m Ursula van de Bunte

In a 2.5 month-long experiment, she gradually changed her diet, switching to nutrient-rich pills and, almost exclusively, vegetables and fruit. The end product is a series of photographs of her food plates presented in conjunction with plates of her corresponding fecal matter, that document the process.

This unusual intimate approach to your own body proved to be very valuable in becoming aware of and comprehending your eating habits and food patterns; it is about getting to know your body through what you put inside of it/what it puts out.

The overall feeling was of improved tonus and new energy, lighter both physically and mentally, as well as a visible reduction in the mass of feces produced.

Although so far it looks like the cycle of food and excrements is here to stay, who is to say what the future holds? Who knows what will happen to infinity and beyond?

Ursula's food awareness project is on display at the BredaPhoto Festival "To Infinity and Beyond" until the 21st of October 2018.