Funky Notes and Teen Spirit

Odorama 27 - with Rolinde Hoorntje, De Maestro's, Rick Dolphijn, Gulian van Nierop, and Ibo Bakker

12 Sep 2018

Accords, tones, notes and organs. Smell and music share many similar words. During this edition of Odorama, we do not only engage with everything that reaches the nose, but involve our ears as well. With an ode to Linden Duft, Smells like Teen Spirit and an exploration into sensory experience, this scent-filled evening shows off sensory harmony. Going from pop to club-house to classical music, what do you think smells best? 

Odorama is a collaboration between Mediamatic and Caro Verbeek

This edition is curated by Frank Bloem

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Smelling perfumes at Odorama - Chiara Barraco


Rolinde Hoorntje

How does the club beat for you? Rolinde Hoorntje is a critic for NRC Handelsblad, and discusses clubmusic and culture. Her mission is to promote the artistic quality of clubmusic, especially for people that think it is not much else than just beats and drugs. During this Odorama, she dives into the way clubmusic influences your mood and behaviour. 

Gulian van Nierop

Gustav Mahler wrote Ich atmet’ einen linden Duft during the summer of 1901 at his villa by Lake Wörthersee. The lyrics are from Friedrich Rückert (1788 –1866), making it one of Mahler's famous Ruckert Lieder. The song narrates a linden fragrance, and refers to the sweet smell of love. Classical baritone Gulian van Nierop performs this sweet smell of longing for love, embodied in this song, and is accompanied by the sweetest fragrances. He is accompanied by Duco Burgers on piano. 

Rick Dolphijn

Associate professor Dr. Rick Dolphijn is interested in the way that sensory experiences can be mobilised to monitor people in different instances. During this edition of Odorama, he dives into an example from contemporary warfare that is all about affecting troops in such a way that they are always alert, never fearful and ready for battle. Curious what this entails? During this edition, Rick Dolphijn will tell us how sound and smell play a crucial role. 

De Maestro's

De Maestros is a band of the Meester family. Throughout this evening they will play a set of smelly music. 

Ibo Bakker

Ibo Bakker is a dutch musician who plays in the tradition of the old folk singers and storytellers. He brings old stories back to life. He finds inspiration in old hypnotic hymns from Asia and Persia. This musical evening is his second performance at Mediamatic. This time, he will sing us an ode to scents of the past.


Odorama: Funky Notes and Teen Spirit
Wednesday 12th September
Program starts at 20.30
Mediamatic Biotoop, Dijksgracht 6, Amsterdam
Tickets: €7,50 pre-sale | €10 door | Students €5 (Excl. 1.10 Administration fee)