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Travel & Dance at Mediamatic

Multicultural Electronic Music Party Time

23 Aug 2018

Put on your dancing shoes and come to Mediamatic Biotoop to explore dance music boundaries. We open our doors for a one off electronic music event! Emerging producer & DJ Da Iguana, new actor of the global bass and world downtempo scene, will be playing roots-infused electronic music. Let him make you forget who or where you are and dance to the rhythms from all over the world.



Da Iguana at Art Olfaction Amsterdam Opening Party -

Da Iguana

Da Iguana is a young French DJ, always searching for the perfect loop, the best tribal percussions, the most catchy rhythms and dreamiest synths. Generally starting with downbeat, dub and cumbia to warm-up the audience with colorful LatAm folktronic edits & remixes, he loves to surprise the dancers with faster afro house or ethno techno tunes. Blending a timelife selection with his own productions (including a recent LP release on Berlin-based label Urban Cosmonaut Radio), be ready to take off on a journey crossing all continents, cultures & feelings. From Andean ballads to Malian percussions and Persian songs, let's explore the native origins of music through a new prism.


Travel & Dance at Mediamatic
Thursday 23 August at 20:00
Free entrance
Mediamatic Biotoop, Dijksgracht 6, Amsterdam


Photo: Anisa Xhomaqi - Anisa Xhomaqi