Body in Revolt x ADE

ICK & Amsterdam Dance Event at Mediamatic

18 Oct 2018

“The body is a curious and revelatory body, and above all a social body that is sensitive to changes in society” (Greco & Scholten)

Why do we dance? What do you dance for? What is your dance about? Curated by Bogomir Doringer and Arad Inbar, this 1st edition of Body in Revolt is focused on club culture as an initiator of changes, as a form of activism, as an artistic expression where dancing is seen as an urgency in times of socio-political crisis. We gather to address such urgency through the moving and inspiring narratives of a diverse panel of guest-speakers.

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Federica Dauri as part of an act Corpus Mobile - Maxim Damper

Club Culture has always been a source of artistic inspiration, therefore, we invited international performance artists who use the body as a medium with works that resonate with the topics of the day. Rodrigo Sobarzo, Federica Dauri, Kiril Bikov and Julian Weber invite the viewers, through their performances, to engage and experience the occupied body, the social body, the body in crisis: the Body in Revolt. Arad Inbar, a dancer at ICK ensemble, invited artist and curator Bogomir Doringer to co-curate a program sourced in the experience of clubbing and rave culture. The event is inspired by the concept Body in Revolt of Emio Greco and Pieter C.Scholten, ICK founders and artistic directors, and by Bogomir’s I Dance Alone, ongoing PhD research at the University of Applied Arts Vienna.

Body in Revolt

Body in Revolt is a special event organised in collective force with Playground ADE, ICK Amsterdam and Deep Focus. The program will be hosted in the dynamic space of Mediamatic specially adjusted by artist Nikola Knežević. To embody the day experience, a queer-techno after party will follow in collaboration with SPIELRAUM x BASSIANI: Body in Revolt x ADE at club RADION Amsterdam.


Creation Under Occupation: In July this year, Boiler Room was going live from Ramallah in Palestine. It reached one of highest rankings from all the episodes of the Boiler Room. The whole world could witness for the first time the youth of Palestine empowering itself through dance and music. This is precisely goal of Jazar Crew movement whose founders will be our guests.

If I Can’t Dance, I Don’t Want To Be Part of Your Revolution: Restrictive political systems and social hypocrisy are giving birth to new parties, concepts and groups. The new youth is organizing itself from a dance floor, in demand of recognition and free spaces in which the curatorial agenda addresses political urgencies.

We Dance Together: In May 2018, several thousand of ravers gathered in the heart of Tbilisi to protest the police raid on two of the city’s most popular clubs, Gallery and famous Bassiani. The protest consisted of dancing for two days in front of the parliament. It was led by the White Noise Movement and it quickly gained the support of communities worldwide. We Dance Together, We Fight Together became the slogan of this rave-o-lution.


Federica Dauri (IT/DE) and Kiril Bikov(BG/DE): Corpus mobile
50 razor-sharp knives hanging above a laying body: how do you move? How do you breathe? The oppressed body finds alternatives to its limitations.

Rodrigo Sobarzo AuTismo Incorporado (CL/NL): esTuarino & mUseo de AguA
Through a solo and a group piece, Rodrigo’s work explores the power of individual and collective power. The bodie(s) synchronize with their spatial context and surrounding bodies. Audience will be taken by collective repetitive movement leading to a state of trance and empowerment.

Julian Weber (DE), performed by Antonia Steffens (DE/NL): The Opening
In this performative installation, makeup wounds are painted on a naked body. This accumulation of wounds over a long period of time creates a shifting scenery between explicit violence, abstraction, naivety and terrifying beauty. For some, this bruised body is artificial or mainly present in the media, while for others, it is a reality and result of a social and political struggle. Through the visual modification of the skin, the traditional nude figure is deconstructed and new openings into the body are proposed.


DJ set by Jazar Crew

Join us for a collective dance! Delicious food and drinks will be available during the event.


Body in Revolt x ADE
Thursday 18th October
Starts at 15.00
Mediamatic Biotoop, Dijksgracht 6, Amsterdam
Tickets: €8 pre-sale | €10 door | Students €5 (Excl. 1.10 Administration fee) | Free for ADE wristband holder 


Timetable Body in Revolt x ADE - ADE (Amsterdam Dance Event)