Aslı Hatipoğlu

Artist / Cook


Asli Cooking for the Neo Futurist Dinner 17.05.24 - Knots, Weeds, Roots Vu Ha

Aslı is a textile culinary artist who's interdisciplinary social practice focuses on curating participatory dinners and installations that shed light on how culinary history and agricultural politics are changing our relationship to food. From working with micro-scale bacteria and yeasts to insects such as the domesticated silkworm, Hatipoğlu critically investigates ways of relating to our environment and ourselves. She researches production supply chains through performative acts to shed light to how humans influence other living organisms.

In 2023 the artist also developed the Freedom Meal together with Alaa Abu Asad and Uno Fujisawa and they are currently working on the next Neo Futurist Dinner that will take place coming spring during our 2024 Japanese knotweed festival.

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