Beauty Kit Female Farm 0.3

Recycling the feminine living matter and bio-electricity, assuring an eco-friendly production of the best raw female fluids

11 Aug 2019
17 Aug 2019

In August this year, a group of females will take part in the third version of Beauty Kit Female Farm. The BKFF 0.3 is a seven day residency project that invites participants to undergo a long durational participatory performance (without an audience). The residency project will install its working and living spaces in the Sluisdeurenloods during the summer time in Amsterdam.

On the 18th of August, Isabel Burr Raty will give two tours of the performance space. Go here to click attend on our Facebook event.


The Beauty Kit Female Farm Patrona resting in the Farm Kitchen - by Agnes Schneidewind

What is the BKFF 0.3?

The BKFF 0.3 is a cognitive-pleasure oriented farm, where Isabel Burr Raty, together with a team of facilitators, mentor a group of female participants into a bio-autonomous female abyss farming system that harvests female genital juices and produces beauty bio-products with them. Moreover, the BKFF 0.3 recycles the feminine living matter and bio-electricity that are usually regarded as waste, assuring an eco-friendly production of the best raw female fluids.

What can you expect as a participant?

This farm offers the best atmospheric conditions for each participant to intimately explore her abyss and take her own bliss potential one step forward, in resonance with her feminine life cycle (from menarche to post-menopause).

In the BKFF 0.3 each participant is invited as a guest to embody the process of becoming the harvester of the erogenous cavities that make up the landscapes of her own female abyss. The harvester is part of the BKFF 0.3 ecosystem and activities, where she interacts with other guests, facilitators and the surrounding ecologies.

What is the female abyss in the BKFF 0.3?

In this farm the female organs are the Abyss, an hybrid erotic living organism, a self-contained entity with its own individuality, located in a greater orgasmic territory: the female body.

What does the bio-autonomous farming system propose?

The BAFS proposes a schedule of collective activities and individual tailored programs that combine contemporary western and ancient body techniques designed to enhance the vitality of the female abyss’ raw nectars, offering the opportunity for each participant to:

1. Explore her abyss and take her bliss potential one step forward, in resonance with her feminine life cycle (from menarche to post-menopause)
2. Gain instinctual knowledge over the female ecstatic biological diversity and alchemical agency
3. Stimulate, produce and harvest her female erogenous substances and thinking fluids
4. Fabricate her own beauty bio-products
5. Experience the homeostasis balance that can be acquired when farming the female abyss

Furthermore, The BKFF 0.3 bio-autonomous female farming system offers a base to liberate the formatted femininity instructed by the beauty industry. This correlates to society’s dependency on gynecological-reproductive technologies and general unawareness of the female sexual organs’ full potencies. Thus, participating in the Beauty Kit Female Farm means to awaken the obscured in order to reclaim the alchemical agencies of the female erogenous cavities. Participating means to reconstruct the concept of femininity and to point out the empty gaps of scientific perspectives concerning the power of the female organs.

What do you need for participating ?

Taking part in the BKFF 0.3 has no further expectation than the free expression of the instinctual female sexual and thinking fluids in joy and playfulness, releasing any sense of duty and judgement. Each woman and her sexuality are considered as one unique organic constellation that deserves respect and care. Hence, each harvester will have a tailored stimulating and harvesting program exclusively designed to fit her own ecstatic desires, her own female life cycle and pace.

Inscription deadline

June 30th 2019


Please contact Isabel Burr Raty at for more information.