Alan Turingschool en Ernst Haeckel


10 Apr 2019

On the 10th of April group three of the Alan Turingschool visited Mediamatic to watch, to touch, to learn and to do. 

That day we started with a short introduction about us at Mediamatic Biotoop. After that they got a small tour of our venue and learned more about how we mix biology, art and science. Ernst Haeckel's work was especially highlighted during the tour. This is because Ernst Haeckel's work is one the greatest inspirations of Mediamatic. The students ended their time here, by drawing whilst blindfolded. By touch they to feel shapes and textures and draw them. These shapes where Ernst Haeckel's microbes.


10-04-2019 Students of the Alan Turing School look at Haeckel's micro-organisms - We offer an education program for youngsters of the Orion College and the Alan Turing School. To enlarge the knowledge of themes in the field of biology and micro-organisms.