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Hamamelis virginiana

Witch-hazel is a deciduous shrub, commonly found in the east side of North America. This plant is composed of green leaves, dark brown, even reddish stems and bark, a hard nut-like fruit and bright yellow flowers. It was discovered by Native Americans to use it in a decoction, a process of extracting the essences by boiling the stems of the plant. This is said to help in reducing inflammation, swelling and is even said to reduce tumor growth as it produces a cytotoxic substance called hamamelitannin, which acts against colon cancer cells. Infusions of Witch-hazel were used for a variety of illnesses and injuries such as colds, fever, sore throat, kidney conditions, and even gynecological pain, for topical usage as well such as cuts, bruises and scratches to disinfect.


Witch-hazel - Hamamelis virginiana Author:  Si Griffiths  

Source: Wikipedia