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I'm Iines (with two i's), and I'm originally from Finland. In the past 15 years, I've lived in various countries - and am now based in Amsterdam. My background is also varied, including anthropology, documentary filmmaking and cooking. I'm on a mission to live in and work to create an environment where we collaborate more with each other and our planet. 

At Mediamatic I worked as a Workshop Producer. I came to Mediamatic initially as a Program Intern in January 2020, and I continued as a full member of staff from June 2020 to August 2021. My time at Mediamatic was marked by challenges of covid-19. I did a lot of work to streamline the workshop production process, and I worked together with the Event Manager, Anne Lakeman, to re-design our workshops to be more covid-safe. I also developed multiple workshops from the beginning, together with the workshop tutors - Freestyle Kintsugi, Self-Design Enzo Mari Furniture, Perfumery Basics: Arabic Scent, Foraging for Mental Health - to name a few.

Next to my workshop duties, I explored different ways of livestreaming of Odorama lectures together with the Programming team and I filmed three Odorama livestreams.

After my time at Mediamatic, I'm continuing my career as a cook, starting at the Wilde Zwijnen in Amsterdam Oost. 



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