A web native with a sense for the audience

Frankie Roberto opens ‘Kom je ook?’ 2

We are proud to present our first keynote speaker at the second edition of Kom je ook? on the 8th of September 2009!

Frankie Roberto will present his insights on how museums can interact with their audience to get them involved with their activities. He works as an Experience Designer for Rattle in London, a digital agency specialising in designing social innovation for the web, based in Sheffield and Manchester. “We just research and develop social web stuff that works”, Roberto explains.

As a web native he has an expert understanding of the interaction patterns of social media. Before joining Rattle, Frankie Roberto worked as Web Producer for the Science Museum in London, where he worked on numerous innovative projects including an Object Wiki and the award-winning physics game Launchball.


Frankie Roberto -

Launchball is an enormously succesfull online game from the Science Museum, it recently won ‘best of show’ at SxSW. It was built to support and extend the Launchpad gallery experience. Launchpad is a highly interactive physics exploration space specifically aimed at 8-14 year olds. Roberto explains: “The key idea came from a realisation that the mission of the gallery was to allow kids to explore and play with real physical phenomena. As it’s nigh-on-impossible to experience real physics through a computer screen, we decided to drop this element and use simulation instead, and to focus instead on the exploration, playing, open-ended nature of the gallery . . . it follows the ethos of the gallery completely, and covers much of the same topic areas too (electricity, light, energy transfer, etc).”

Currently Roberto is studying the interaction design of theme parks and visitor attractions. He has produced several successful community websites, and is interested in building social engagement around heritage and cultural issues.

Frankie blogs at www.frankieroberto.com and can be found on most social websites under the username 'frankieroberto', for instance on Twitter @frankieroberto.