Mediamatic presents Ignite Amsterdam

Mediamatic has teamed up with Ignite to host the Ignite Amsterdam events. First one takes place on July 9th.


Mediamatic's home since 2008 - where the Office of Mediamatic is based. Vijzelstraat 72, 1017 HL Amsterdam Duintjer CS building, Vijzelstraat 72, 1017 HL Amsterdam Vijzelstraat 72, 1017 HL Amsterdam Raphael Rehbach

Ignite was founded in the cold winter of 2006. On December 7th two hundred Seattle geeks settled into a small bar for a night of networking, cool ideas and, of course, a few beers. Ignite was a fact. Since that night, Ignite events have been held around the world. From Dubai to Vancouver, and from Singapore to Albuquerque. But never in Amsterdam.

The concept is simple. Ignite is run by locals, for locals. Speakers get five minutes to present their idea. They make use of twenty slides, that auto-advance every fifteen seconds. A ruthless moderator will guarantee those five minutes aren't exceeded.

Ignite is fast-paced and merciless, but most of all it's a fun, thought-provoking night, full of fresh ideas and clever insights. Ignite helps build and develop local networks, and serves as a platform for locals to connect offline and have a drink together. What more does one need?

Mediamatic is proud to be hosting the Ignite Amsterdam events. The first one will take place at Mediamatic Bank on July 9th, the final day of the three-day Map Fest.

More information

For more information about Ignite, visit their website. Or view a list of participating cities.