172 m2 / 80 - 150 people


Spacious venue in a 19th century Monument

The Sluisdeurenloods (Canal Lock Gate Warehouse) is the biggest space at Mediamatic Biotoop and has an interesting history. It is ideal for bigger events, such as meetings, presentations and even parties. The spacious Sluisdeurenloods allows you to adjust the set-up to your event.


Presentatie opstelling in Sluisdeurenloods - The Canal Lock Gate Warehouse is a space for rent. More information on our for rent page Julia ter Maten


Type of event Amount of people
Presentation I 80
Presentation II 120
Reception 150
Meeting In consultation


Depending on your needs, we offer different services for image and sound. For example, a professional presentation with microphone and projector. Let us know what equipment you need for your presentation (laptop, connection, etc.).


This space can be arranged for presentation, reception or meeting purposes. We have our own tables, benches, desks, chairs and a small wardrobe. Other furniture can be rented.


At Mediamatic Biotoop we offer a wide range of services. If you are interested in an additional program we can also arrange several hands-on workshops, a guided tour of our Biotoop or a customised event at our restaurant Mediamatic ETEN.


For more information or a tour around Mediamatic Biotoop, please send a mail with the subject: 'Rental' or 'Verhuur' to mail@mediamatic.nl or call +31206389901. Provide us with the following information: amount of people, type of event, preferred date, time period, technical needs, catering needs or preferences.


Sluisdeurenloods in Dijkspark -


Presentation in the Sluisdeurenloods - Mediamatic's Sluisdeurenloods is fully equipped to host presentations for up to 100 people in a theater setup. For standing receptions and (music) performances the maximum capacity is 150 people. Anisa Xhomaqi


A view of the Sluisdeurenloods - The Sluisdeurenloods has a capacity of max 150 persons standing. The space is equipped with large screen and and audio system. This picture was taken before the roof insulation that we commissioned in 2020. Anisa Xhomaqi


Mediamatic in zesentwintig steekwoorden op de Sluisdeurenloods - Aqua Fungi Vis Play Taste Grow Lab Plant Think Vers Poep Vegan Look Doen Feel Smell Eat Piss Drink Bio Art Idee Learn Fram Cycle Leef Tia Torok


Plattegrond van de Sluisdeurenloods - Floor plan of the Sluisdeurenloods Flora Macleod


The Art of Deception - Isaac Monté in collaboration with Toby Kiers - 14 October -2016 - 14 February 2017. What happens if humans manipulate organs for aesthetic purposes? And what is inner beauty anyway? The Art of Deception consists of a collection of 18 transformed pigs hearts that explore how biological interventions and aesthetic manipulation can be used as tools for the ultimate deception: The transformation of inner beauty. The exhibition is set up in Mediamatic's Sluisdeurenloods. In the evenings you can peak through the windows to get a glimpse of the… Anisa Xhomaqi, Isaac Monté , Toby Kiers


22-10-2018 Corpus Mobile by Federica Dauri and Kiril Bikov - Body in Revolt, a one day program curated by Bogomir Doringer and Arad Inbar during ADE. 50 razor-sharp knives hanging above a laying body: how do you move? How do you breathe? The oppressed body finds alternatives to its limitations.  Maxim Damper


Performance by Rodrigo Sobarzo ''mUseao de Agua'' - Tia Torok

With: Arad Inbar

5-11-2016 Museumnacht 2016 - Smell dating bureau - Our smell dating service desk worked really hard for the people to reach their match during Museumnacht 2016 Don't wash your self! Anisa Xhomaqi