Sept '22 - Feb '23 Ariana Amirhosseini

Ariana Amirhosseini

Exhibition assistant


Veggie Portrait. Ariana - Ariana chose the lemon.  Sandra Ruiz Castroviejo

Architect, researcher, spatial and experience designer

Hey there! I'm Ariana and I worked for Mediamatic as an exhibition assistant from September 2022 until March 2023. As an exhibition assistant, I had the opportunity to work as an architect, spatial designer, curator, researcher, host, and moderator. I was surrounded by amazing and interesting people with different backgrounds, who helped me expand my network and gain new knowledge on various topics that I had not considered before. 

During this period, I particularly worked on the Museum Night Amsterdam as a spatial designer where I researched, developed, curated, and built for the event. I also helped as a spatial designer on the first exhibition on the CD ROM collection "All Senses Operative." In addition, I curated, organized, and moderated "Penny For Your Thoughts." Finally, I was pleased to think about how to renew the Sluisdeurenloods, which became a monument in October.

For my future, as someone who loves dynamic and different topics, I would like to have various jobs related to architecture and spatial and experience design. I hope to find opportunities to deepen my understanding of how the built and non-built environment influences people's behavior and to discover sustainable building solutions that connect with and respect the environment and their inhabitans.