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Lisa Witte - Exhibition assistant Lisa Witte at the Aquaponics 2021 Ben Hopley

Restorator, (online) curator and copywriter for Mediamatic, with an interest for publicparticipation and multisensory applications.

During my studies Cultural Heritage I specialized in inclusion and participation and experience design in particular, for which I did research in multi-sensory design in museums. Next to my studies I have experience as an assisten curator and -registrator as well as experience in marketing and communication. 

During my time at Mediamatic I was in charge of the restoration process and re-introduction of the interactive art project Twijfel Zaaien, which hadn't been in use for a couple of years. Through deep research and different testfases I was able to reclaim lost information and apply the restorationprocess close to the original buildingproces.

After restoring the art project I wrote a number of instructions and recommondation on the caretaking, treatment and execution of the project and have been able to reintroduce the project through a social media campagne and flyers, posters and the first development of an information sign. I also worked on the maintenance of Radiolaria by writing recommondations and advice on its topic, which are also available in my blogpost.

I am very grateful for the opportunity I got at Mediamatic and proud of the results I got. With this special learning experience in my pocket I'm reading for a new challenge.

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