Nour Akoum, Alessandra Avanzi

Odorama Aroma Lab task

This will be your guide for preparing Odorama's Scent kits step by step.

With the pandemic taking place, the shift towards online lectures was a major trend. Odorama started introducing Scent sample kits, where you get to enjoy the event from home while smelling the scents and getting the full experience. When restrictions got lighter, Odorama's live events were back in action but while still offering a live stream with Scent kits sent to online participants. For the upcoming event, check with Frank if this will still be done or not.


Small pieces of Mathilde van Otterloo's cheese for the Odorama audience to smell - Sadhbh O'Donnell


1. Testing part: In order to have a good kit you need to do some tests (raw materials, ingredients..). We want a kit that keeps the smell of all the blotters for the longest time possible.

2. Test two different dilutions (10%EtOH, 50%EtOH or pure..) for 1 week then, open it to compare and chose the best dilution.



1.Check that all the raw materials are available


Ingredients for Odorama: Happiness - These were the ingredients and raw materials needed to prepare Odorama: Happiness's Scent kits. Jessica Cohen

2. If you have some raw materials that are sticky or oily, you have to laminate the blotter. To use the machine for lamination: click on pre-heat and once you see a green light, select the speed 8 and slide the sheet.


Laminated blotters for Odorama's Scent kit - Blotters laminated because there was a cracker and a piece of cheese that turned normal blotters all oily  Jessica Cohen

3. For guidance, check the previous Odorama kit. You need to cut the cases in an A4 size that fits the shipping envelope.


Odorama: Happiness's Scent kit - The scent kit sent to participants of the live streaming. Jessica Cohen

4. Sealing part. Take the machine present in the AromaLab, select the power 4. Be careful with the space in between blotters when sealing.


Blotter sealing sample - Sealing with the right amount of space in between blotters. Jessica Cohen

5. To finish up, seal all the sides of the kit.


Sealing Odorama Kit - Sealing the end sides of the scent kits for a perfectly sent experience. Nour Akoum


1 day of preparation for the kits to be fully ready for shipping.