June 2021 - Jan 2022

Sadhbh O'Donnell

Exhibition and workshop assistant/ facilitator


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My experience at Mediamatic has been a rollercoaster of sorts, but one that I would gladly get on all over again.

After finishing my masters in museum studies, I came to Mediamatic with an open mind to learn about cultural spaces and how to apply my academic knowledge and research. Beginning as an exhibition assistant, I knew that I would strengthen my practical skills but what I didn't realise was the personal growth that would come along with it.


Our Elderflower tree - Picking the biggest Elderflower heads as possible to make champagne Elise Chalcraft

Mediamatic gave me the opportunity to work with many people, artists, and now, friends. Exhibitions that I worked on included David Kerssens Goedharts Machine No.2, Malkit Shoshans Border Ecologies, Beftival and not to forget my constant thread thoughout my time, Bokashi. These projects brought me to a new understanding of detail, while seeing a bigger picture, I became more aware of making spaces look more cohesive within the Biotoop. 

As well as exhibitions I also had the chance to be a part of workshop production and development. This included Mariko Hori's Under the harbour, Foraging for Mental health, and Weekend of Science. Spending this time thinking about public programming allowed me reflect on the visitor, from various ages and perspectives, and what they want from their time in cultural spaces such as Mediamatic. 


Sadhbh loves heart-shaped potatoes - Photo by Elise Chalcraft Elise Chalcraft

Finishing my time in a new position as a facilitator of exhibitions, and reflecting on my time here, I have come a long way since June of 2021. Mediamatic has allowed me to learn from my mistakes, celebrate the successes and most of all create friendships that I will cherish for the rest of my life (looking at you Marguerite d'Ervau and Elise Chalcraft).


Thanks to Mediamatic for all of the life lessons and friendships. 

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