September '21 - January '22

Bogdana Schiopu

Communication Assistant


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Hello there!
My name is Bogdana and I'm a 22-year-old Finnish-Romanian. Currently, I'm entering my third and final year of my Communication Science Bachelor and I'll be working as a Communication Intern at Mediamatic as part of my study program. Since the start of my studies, I moved alone to Amsterdam and entered a never-ending challenge of adapting and changing. I find that switching living places, environments and everything that comes with it, is very exciting and keeps me curious about the world. 
With my academic background in communication and a personal love for artistic creations I'm looking forward to developing an engaging community for Mediamatic through various outlets.  

During my time at Mediamatic as a Communication assistant, I've done artist interviews, social media management, work with photographers, promotion for workshops and events!

I also worked on an updated Social Media Report where I analysed our audience, reach and engagement for the last year on all our platforms, including the Mediamatic website!


Dutch Design Week and Beftival were the biggest events I contributed to through social media promotions, newsletters, press releases, interviews and promotional packages. I've worked on a video interview about the workshop Under the Harbour with Mariko Hori and a written interview with Bert Sliggers for Beftival

As a Communication assistant, I've made content and involved myself in pretty much everything organised by Madiamatic during my time here. This includes working on promoting all the ongoing workshops, events, parties, and exhibitions, as well as the restaurant part of Mediamatic. Projects such as Gentle Discos, Boarder Ecologies, Open Aroma Lab and all the other workshops.

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