Micropia is the world's only museum where the invisible world of micro-organisms is made visible. 


ARTIS-Micropia - Microbes on show at Micropia Many vairous microbes and other bacteria on show in ARTIS-Micropia in Amsterdam.  Photo taken from Wiki Commons: Micropia Museum Amsterdam . On 28th May 2019, by  Yann Caradec.

You don't see them, but they are there.

They sit on you, they sit in you, and you alone have over a hundred thousand billion.
They are there when you eat, when you breathe and when you kiss.
They are everywhere, on your hands and in your stomach.
And they meddle in everything.
They determine what our world looks like:
what you smell and what you taste;
whether you get sick or get better.
They can save us or destroy us.
Microbes, the smallest and most powerful organisms on our planet.
We know little about them,  
but we can learn a lot from them.
About our health, alternative energy sources and who knows what else.
If you look at the world up close,
a new one will open for you.
More beautiful and special than you could ever imagine.
Welcome to Micropia.
The only microbe museum in the world, in the middle of Amsterdam.

Extract taken from ARTIS-Micropia website on 19th September 2022. 

Contact information

  • ARTIS-Micropia
  • Plantage Kerklaan 38-40
  • 1018 CZ
  • Amsterdam
  • NL