The Plastic Picknicker

Fungi Trail at Micropia

24 Sep 2022
2 Oct 2022

During the Fungi Trail, a new microbe will become part of Micropia’s exhibiton. Micropia has started cultivating a special fungus called Cladosporium cladosporioides which eats plastic, and might help us get rid of the enormous plastic pollution in our oceans.


Green Mold on "Gentle" - This photo is part of The Plastic Picknicker . Mily Bogaarts

Fungi Trail: traces of fungi in nature and culture

At the start of the new autumn season, we dive into the world of mycelia, fungi and fungi. The Fungi Trail is a program collaboration between the Hortus, Mediamatic and Micropia. From mid-September until October, podcasts, guided tours, workshops, dinners, children's activities and art projects will be organized, all focusing on fantastic fungi! For example, we're going fungal in the Hortus with a special series of Hortus Talks series full of fascinating guests. And there are special themed tours - also for children.