Alix Briere

To-dos for new plant signs

Follow these instructions to finish printing the new plant signs 

Plan for printing plant signs:

Set up a deadline for printing all the missing signs with Luc!

For graphic designer:

  • Send Linxia (current graphic designer) the list of all properties (find it at the bottom of page) 
  • Discuss the new icons and their names (makes sure Willem approves)

Design new logos and plant signs:

  • Ask graphic designer to make the new icons (on Affinity)
  • Collect botanical (black and white) drawings for new signs (see sign template for an example)
  • Create new signs on Affinity with ALL the correct properties 
  • Edit existing plant signs with their correct property (plant database has been recently updated)

Plant Database update:

  • Add missing plants into database
  • Check that Lynn Shore has updated the plant properties (if all the ‘x’s are in the right place) → email her (find contact info on Stager)

Website update:

  • Add new plants and drawings to website
  • Edit keywords 

To create a banner at Mediamatic entrance:

  • Make list of properties with the matching icons on a clear background (for graphic designer)
  • Do a vinyl test


  • Check emails on Hortus account (see password page) for more information about approximate cost (previous communication with Robert or Menno)
  • Where to print: DVC sign company
  • Make inventory of all plant signs we need printed (for Lynn, for Mediamatic garden, for greenhouse) find the plant signs in aquaponics greenhouse and the metal rods in project room
  • Develop document for the printer with new signs 
  • Send an email to printer with suggested price 


List of properties for Linxia:


Antimicrobial (virus, bacteria, fungus), 



Allergies (helping), 


Common allergen (cause), 

Bone health, 

Cardiovascular health, 

Poison (irritant)/ Deadly, 



Digestive health, 


External Use Only, 

Female Reproductive health

Common coughs and colds,

Immune support, 


Kidneys / urinary support, 

Male reproductive health, 

Muscle health, 

Hair and nails, 

Cognitive function, 

Nervous system, 

Pain killer, 


Respiratory health, 


Skin health, 


Stings and bites, 

Wound healing