Observational Plant Drawing

with Annemarie Verschoor for Weekend of Science

7 Oct 2023

Seeing is knowing is seeing is knowing...

A biology, foraging and drawing workshop in one for all ages! Join us for this Weekend of Science and together with biologist and artist Annemarie Verschoor, you will be guided through the different dimensions of plants and their anatomy. You will exercise to recognise, draw, and understand the many shapes and lines of plants. 
This workshop is suitable for ages 4 and up and their parents or guardians!




2023-05-14 Observational Plant Drawing1 - Jiyoung Lee

What you will do 

In this workshop you will learn how your perception of a plant is guided by your knowledge. Annemarie will guide you with an introduction into the biology of plants and how the unique details of each plant comes into existence.  You will then together explore our beautiful gardens and location surroundings, taking pictures of various plants.  The drawing phase starts with picking a photo and learning how to find and draw the unique details of the chosen plant. This workshop is especially interesting for those who love plants and wish to know more about them, but also (aspiring) artists that wish to deepen their knowledge of plant drawing.

Annemarie Verschoor 

Annemarie Verschoor is an artist trained as a biologist. The forms of nature - to put it gracefully - have always occupied her. How do those shapes come about? What are they for? How strange is it that our eyes are so pleased with those shapes? In short, enough to keep looking at them endlessly and drawing them. By depicting them something more happens. They are simplified or crammed into a frame. That often makes them even more beautiful.


Free Admission

This workshop is suitable for ages 4 and up! For children under 12, we ask that a parent or companion also book a ticket.


7th of October, 13:00-17:00
Attendance limited to 10 people. 
Please note that, unless everyone speaks Dutch, this workshop will be held in English.
For questions please e-mail

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