exhibition: Jemima de Jonge

A Body of Water, Table-Scene

Video Installation by Jemima de Jonge

4 Nov 2023
31 Mar 2024

When does a sense of safety and security turn into claustrophobia and fear? When does it float back? When does it become humorous or grim?


A body of water - Jemima de Jonge -

For Jemima, these tipping points are an intriguing territory to explore because they are not entirely measurable and not entirely comprehensible. And because they are uncomfortable.

In "A Body of Water", Jemima devours her table. And she doesn't do it just once; on the screen, there are eight versions of her. They gather around the table, tear bits of it apart, and rapidly nibble them away while engaging in lively conversation with each other. Notably, the table is made of cardboard, as are the chairs, the lamps, the paintings, and essentially everything in the room, including the room itself. These young women are consuming their own environment - until one of them chokes on a piece of cardboard, and panic ensues.

Everyone has compulsive tendencies, ways to bring structure to their lives. These can ultimately turn into something compulsive and extreme.

Where do we draw the line?

On view Tuesday-Sunday from 12:00-19:00

In deze beschrijving is gebruik gemaakt van het interview van Janna Reinsma met Jemima de Jonge in de Volkskrant van 21 september 2023.