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Clemens Tomlow -

Clemens Tomlow is a alumni from Design Academy Eindhoven. He graduated with his work “monster under the bed” wich is a project about otherness and finding your voice in the world of normality. 

 Clemens is interested in the world of textiles and storytelling. Clemens mainly works as an artist / costume designer but sees himself as an interdisciplinary maker.


franka - Clemens Tomlow -

Monster under the bed

All over the world stories of scary monsters are used as precautionary tales for children. And yet many fairytales teach us that what society deems monstrous is often more misunderstood than evil. Stories like Beauty and the Beast and the Hunchback of Notre Dame show that our personal journey starts when we step beyond our fear of being misunderstood. Embarking on that personal quest himself, Clemens Tomlow found that there is power in celebrating otherness.

His costumes draw inspiration from childhood monsters that embrace different stages of the weird and odd: from anxiously hiding for bullies to a proud and happy beast. The collection seeks to bring out the inner child in all of us, to open our minds and question our fears.


Maya - Clemens Tomlow -

To Clemens fashion is a form of expression and a big medium with a lot of freedom to play and expiriment. One of the main interest within that field is how to tell his own and other peoples stories through his extravagent costumes. Finding inspiration within the world of everyday life and childhood and the relation between the two.


ever - Clemens Tomlow -

In most of his work he likes to be guided by his intuition and skill. This way he is able to reflect on materials he works with and use them to create interesting results 



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