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Hello Everyone! Irem here:)


I am from Turkey, I have been living in Netherlands for 3 years. I studied Master of Interior Architecture In ArtEZ. My works predominantly reside at the intersection of research and spatial practices, with a specific focus on the social, political, and ecological dimensions of the environment. I am particularly intrigued by spaces, subcultures, identities, and communities that typically remain unrepresented within formal architectural discourse. As an a/Artist Project Assistant, I would love to explore neurodivergent individuals centered spatial design and designers role.

If you'd like to quick check to my master graduation work "Space of In-betweenness", Here are some links:

Selected Works

Video of The Artistic Research

Research Paper


Interview-Metropolism M Magazine

Beside this, I really love yoga and taking walks in nature. When I'm not doing yoga, you'll find me making digital drawings that come from my imagination:) I also enjoy using old-fashioned cameras to capture real moments in time through film photography. I'm not just into taking pictures, though – I also like editing them afterward. I mix in some 3D abstract elements to create a kind of in-between world of reality and fantasy.

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