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Janna Ullrich is a designer based in Amsterdam. She specializes in creating tools that empower participants to engage in new social interactions through the medium of games. In her work, she takes complex political topics and makes them accessible to a wide audience in a playful manner, often incorporating elements of gaming. Notably, she collaborated with undocumented refugees from "We Are Here" to test and refine her games, showcasing a commitment to inclusivity and engaging diverse perspectives. Janna's approach blends creativity with sociopolitical awareness, contributing to a unique and accessible form of art that resonates with a broad audience.

Janna is at the forefront of a captivating exploration that intertwines nature, narrative, and the complexities of the human mind. With a background in 'mind gardening,' she encourages participants to delve into their personal and shared stories through the captivating lens of Japanese Knotweed.

In collaboration with Dorian, Janna has crafted intriguing concepts such as 'think-bon-bombs' (intrusive thoughts) and 'gedachte compost' (cutting thoughts), weaving a tapestry of introspection that challenges the boundaries of conventional artistic expression. 

Currently, Janna is immersed in the fascinating realm of Japanese shadow gardening, delving into the cultural and artistic nuances that this ancient tradition holds. Collaborating with Mediamatic, Janna aims to elevate her workshops to new heights, infusing them with co-creative and performative elements that push the boundaries of participant engagement. The fine-tuning of 'think-bon-bombs' alongside a skilled patissier promises to bring an intriguing sensory dimension to her explorations. One of the standout features of Janna's upcoming projects is the creation of a 'Monsters-seed cathedral' as part of the Monsters embassy.

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