Dorian de Rijk


A Master's graduate from the Film Academy in 2016, Dorian clinched the AHK Eindwerkprijs with her graduation film "Valerius." Since then, she has delved into various film and social design projects. Her involvement in the international working group for Critical Pedagogy and Artistic Research, a collaboration between the AHK Film Academy and the Ibero Docslab at Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico, underscores her commitment to advancing knowledge in the field.

Dorian de Rijk, the creative force behind this project, has recently collaborated with Kas Keerweer, blending her interests in ecological themes and artistic research. Their joint efforts materialized in the successful pilot workshop titled "Hallo Aarde," where seed bombs were crafted, and guerrilla gardening took root. Lessons learned from this endeavor are now integral to the design of the Monsters project.

Currently engaged in a project for the Akademie van Kunsten of the KNAW, Dorian orchestrates a hackathon investigating how to counterbalance Putin's narrative on the war in Ukraine. Additionally, she is commissioned by the Municipality of Amsterdam for a photography project that pays homage to inefficiency. Throughout her work, a consistent thread is her exploration of visible and invisible systems of inclusion and exclusion, with a focus on creating space for playfulness and experiencing freedom within those systems. Dorian de Rijk's artistic endeavors serve as a testament to her dedication to uncovering and challenging societal structures.

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