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Portrait Janneke de Lange - Portrait of Janneke de Lange shot by Vu Ha Vu Ha


Janneke de Lange is a designer who graduated from Design Academy Eindhoven. Her work "FRUITURE NURSERY" will be displayed at Mediamatic during Japanese Knotweed Festival 2024. 

Meet Janneke de Lange, a Dutch artist and graduate of the Design Academy Eindhoven, whose creative journey intertwines a profound love for nature with a commitment to pioneering design. Her graduation project marked the inception of a cherished dream, the creation of a tropical fruit botanical garden. Graduating with this ambitious vision, Janneke embarked on a two-fold exploration. She ingeniously transformed baby strollers into mobile greenhouses to shelter her growing fruit trees, all while delving into an architectural investigation of fruit shapes and textures. This exploration materialized in a series of porcelain architectural models, capturing the organic beauty inherent in nature.

Janneke's design philosophy is grounded in the intrinsic qualities of materials, a harmonious dance between tradition and innovation. Adopting a hands-on approach within carefully defined conceptual frames, she establishes rules and boundaries at the project's outset, fostering a creative environment that breaks free from constraints.

Fuelled by a profound fascination for nature and natural phenomena, Janneke's creative roots extend to a year of studying chemistry. Her projects often bloom into miniature universes, inviting viewers to escape into closed worlds inspired by the intricate structures of nature. Her work acts as a platform for the overlooked, adding depth and significance to the seemingly ordinary.

The fusion of nature, science, and local craftsmanship defines Janneke's unique approach. Through playful experimentation with scale and materials, she crafts projects that resonate with a specific sense of place, grounding them in a unique context. Elements borrowed from the scientific realm infuse her designs with a captivating blend of curiosity and precision.

In Janneke de Lange's hands, each project stands as a testament to the delicate equilibrium between creativity and the natural world. Her work invites viewers to step into enchanting realms where art and nature harmoniously converge, offering a glimpse into the perfect harmony between imagination and the world around us.


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