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16-10-2009 The pink interior toilet- de Amsterdam Biennale

The Rio de Janeiro Pavilion by curator Pedro Meyer. Pedro made a painting installation in Mediamatic's toilet with a naked transvestite on the door and pink images on the walls inside. The Amsterdam Biennale 2009 presented the art scene from all over the world. More than thirty international curators from the Mediamatic network gave their view on the contemporary art of their city.

The Biennale was an exhibition that grew every week. On 16 October 2009 the first pavilions opened and on 12 December we celebrated the completion of the Biennale. There were 37 pavilions on display until 3 January: Kabul, Naples, Amsterdam 1, Melbourne, Belgrade, Damascus, Munich, Boston, Cairo, Tallinn, Amsterdam 2, Lima 1, Lima 2, Stuttgart, Beirut, Kobe, Portland, Istanbul, Casablanca, Seoul, Bogota, Tokyo, Leeds, Toronto, St. Petersburg. St. Petersburg, Tehran, Rio de Janeiro, Amsterdam 3, Bamako, Taipei, Brooklyn 1, Brooklyn 2, Rome, Copenhagen, Milan, Porto Alegre and Nicosia.

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