Standing Room Only Party

The Amsterdam Biennale 2009 is complete!!!

12 Dec 2009
12 Dec 2009

After several months of many evenings of diverse openings, of many trips to the far corners of the world's new and not yet discovered cultural capitals, this Saturday 12th december with the openings of Leeds, Nicosia, Tehran, Tokyo and Rio de Janeiro, the world's first 'user generated' Biennale is complete.

Although with limited space, we would like to invite everyone who has been involved or has been to one of the past openings to join us in the celebrations.


Crowd - Jans Possel

Every corner of the Mediamatic Bank will be used for this evening's enjoyments, bands Eklin and Hey Kids DJ's in the basement, live music by Stellar OM Source in the attic, Aimée Zito Lema performing at the bar, cocktails in the entrance, DJ Leeds and DJ/VJ Lars Holdhus in the main room, and of course, art everywhere!

Come early, bring friends, first in gets the best spots and let's celebrate!

Its going to be a night of Minimal space but Maximum experience..