Shari Swan

Founder, CEO, Streative Branding

Shari Swan helps multinationals connect more authentically with their consumers.

With over 15 years of branded strategy, product innovation and development, and trend research experience, Shari Swan specializes in bringing together original thinkers from around the globe for conversations that facilitate the sharing of ideas at the highest level. Streative Branding was founded in Amsterdam in 2003 and utilizes a global network of information sharers, or ‘Moles’ who report on events and new products as they emerge. This raw trend data is then shaped into live trend downloads, innovative brainstorm sessions, trend tours and highly relevant, specialized reports.

Recently Shari has grown the company from providing tailored trend analysis and consumer insight reporting to also offering consulting services for product design and development. We are always on the hunt for innovative ways to apply our trend insight and are currently working with mobile provider O2. We’ve sourced design talent from around the world to develop their branded collection of mobile phones and have fused trend analysis with practical designer recruitment and management services.

Shari Swan has lectured on a vast range of topics to a prestigious group of companies, including O2, Bacardi, UPC, Nike, Coca-Cola, Quest, Akzo Nobel,, Campina, Estee Lauder, CTAM (Cable & Telecommunications Association for Marketing), the Miami Future Trends Conference and the European Cable Communication Association, to name a few. Streative works with O2, Bacardi, UPC, Nike, Coca-Cola, Quest and Estée Lauder.