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the cat says: ni hao

stray cat looking for some mental food. some told me a picnic would be a good least it'll keep me of the streets for some time ;)

Janneke (Zuidhof, see her profile, too!) and I believe that relevant human-brand relationships can be built, and that advertising can be valuable. However, we question the way it has been brought into practice thus far.

Brandthropology is the embodiment of our drive to challenge this reality in today’s advertising industry. To put a better alternative to it. That is why we continuously question the status quo, everything we are used to, why we do things the way we do...and did in the past.

In this search, we are not afraid of revolutions. We will not avoid breaking with existing rules. And we will not stop until we find the very essence, the deepest value advertising can possibly have in building meaningful relationships between human beings and their brands.

Now the question remains...are we ready to be unplugged? Are you?

So...ban the plug, go Brandthropology!!
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