Spirits will be served!

16 Jan 2009
16 Jan 2009

Ghostly evening with a spooky piano performance, a medium responding to forgotten home movies, spiritual images, haunted DJs and ghost photography for all guests.

This event was organised by the Specters, Hauntings & Archives organization and hosted by Mediamatic. It marked the end of the Specters, Hauntings & Archives conference which took place on the 15th and 16th of January at the University of Amsterdam. Both visitors of the conference and everyone else were welcome!


Afterwords @ Mediamatic - Antonia Ainotna

During this evening artists created a ghostly atmosphere in the Mediamatic space. Antonia Carrara was exhibiting a spooky piano performance in collaboration with the Pianola Museum. Guy Edmonds presented Séance du Cinema. He showed home movies of forgotten families of long gone times from his private collection and medium José Gosschalk responded to them. A ghost photographer took pictures of the guests with his 80 year old camera. Joao Evangelista was teaching a swing dance tutorial that would take guests back to the forties, when this originally African-American dance became absorbed in popular American culture.

DJ Spector and DJ Katja were combining haunted ambient music with new wave and Guilty Pleasure songs!

From 21:00 pm onwards at Mediamatic BANK, Vijzelstraat 68 in Amsterdam. Free of charge.

The Specters, Hauntings & Archives conference aims to explore the concept and figure of the ghost. In recent years the ghost has been at the centre of a discourse that revolves around memory and amnesia, (in)visiblity, political and social returns and spiritual revenants in popular culture.

For more information on Afterwords and the Specters, Hauntings & Archives conference, visit the Specters website or directly contact the organization at All events were organized by five students from the University of Amsterdam: Anthie Argyriou, Tanja Baudoin, Moosje Goosen, Patricia de Vries and Arnisa Zeqo.