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How to take them down?

Typically they introduce themselves as being a female figure looking for a 'friend'. They post the same (google-translated-) text on a bunch of user-profiles. It's not only irritating to users, it also conveys the message to them that our website isn't properly protected. So then, how to get rid of spammers?


Typical spammer - Emina Sendijarevic

Tracking them down: Go to Mediamatic.net/comments

You can wait untill someone notifies you that someone is spamming. It's better though, to have a proactive attitude and check the comments that have been posted every morning. Go to Mediamatic.net/comments.


Tracking spammers through mediamatic.net/comments - You'll usually see the same comment posted on several profiles. Emina Sendijarevic

It's also adviceable to check out profiles that have been created lately. Usually names like 'Babygirl24' or 'Cindy Love' are spammers. Nine out of ten they use yahoo.com accounts to register.

Marking them as spammers
Go to their profile and click 'Spammer' in the middle bar. You can also go to the 'Memberadmin' and mark them as spammers there. Don't forget to uncheck them as 'members' of our website.


Click this button to mark an user as spammer - Emina Sendijarevic


Mark user as spammer - The user will automatically have 'This user is unmasked as a spammer' in his profile. Emina Sendijarevic

Note: Don't delete their profile. They will just make another one. By marking them as spammers they can still log in, but can't send any messages, post comments etc. This will frustrate them and discourage them to spam on our website.

Deleting their comments

Because spammers use the same text, it's very easy for you to find all those comments back and delete them. This is how you do it:

Step 1. Selecting the spam text.


Select the spam text and copy - Emina Sendijarevic

Step 2. Paste it into the admin-search

Go to the admin and paste the text in search - Emina Sendijarevic

Step 3. Selecting all comments to secure delete.

All spam comments will show up in the searchresult - Emina Sendijarevic


Select all the comments and 'secure delete' - Repeat this process until there are no more spam comments left Emina Sendijarevic

And you're done. Make sure there are no more translations of comments to be deleted. Normally spammers translate the text in english or dutch. So ,take one more look in mediamatic.net/comments to see if all comments have been deleted properly.

Other kinds of spammers


Host/ Domain/ Webserver -spam - They usually post one comment, still delete it. It pollutes the latests comments. Emina Sendijarevic