Mediamatic 2007

The year of El Hema, but also many other presentations, workshops and exhibitions.

Cultural programming Rembrandt Screen

From December the 13th, 2006 till April 1st, 2007 Mediamatic took care of the cultural programming of the large urban screen, the Rembrandt screen. Along with video artists such as Reza Abedini, Sofie Cerutti, Wu Zhi Gang and other cultural institutions an alternating short clips arts program is offered on Rembrandt Square.


Culturele programmering Rembrandt scherm - t/m 31 maart 2007: Mediamatic verzorgde de culturele programmering van het grote urban screen, het Rembrandt scherm. Samen met videokunstenaars zoals Reza Abedini, Sofie Cerutti, Wu Zhi Giang en tientallen anderen en met andere culturele instellingen werd een wisselend programma van korte kunstclips aangeboden op het Rembrandtplein. Photo by Yolande, found on Flickr 13 december 2006 t/m 1 april 2007, Rembrandtplein

The Girlfriend Experience

On January the 26th, the opening of the exhibition The Girlfriend Experience a multi-player game with avatars. Visitors log in at skype as four avatars of flesh and blood. You can log into the exhibition space, but also from home. A large number of blogs mentions The Girlfriend Experience leading to those who log in from Australia, Japan and America.


07-01-2007 The Girlfriend Experience - Jan 07 - Mar 07: Online social behavior is paradoxical. It's at the same time completely anonymous and unbelievable intimate. This fact led Martin Butler to conceive The Girlfriend Experience, an interactive installation consisting of four real-life avatars. Viewers could connect with them through Skype, get to know them, give them tasks and see how far they could and would go. This event took place at Mediamatic, Amsterdam.   Photography and image manipulation Willem Velthoven Willem Velthoven, Martin Butler

Visitors of The Girlfriend Experience will follow a short workshop to create their own physical avatar. Make your own sock puppet. On February the 9th, it is possible thereby to participate in the Pre-valentine Flirting Skills Special.


Maak je eigen sokpop Workshop - 7 februari - 9 maart 2007: Maak je eigen sokpop. Bezoekers van The Girlfriend Experience konden een korte workshop volgen om hun eigen fysieke avatar te maken. Op 9 februari was het mogelijk daarmee deel te nemen aan de Pre-valentine Flirting Skills Special. 7 februari t/m 9 maart 2007: Maak je eigen sokpop. Mediamatic Post CS Marco Wessel

Harp Karaoke

During the Harp Karaoke on February the 23d visitors can perform their own version of one of the 30 songs with harpists Maximilian Ehrhardt and Anastasia Makropoulou, from the White Stripes to Aretha Franklin.


Zing mee met de Harp Karaoke - 23 februari 2007: Harp Karaoke met de harpisten Maximilian Ehrhardt en Anastasia Makropoulou. Er staan 30 songs op hun repertoire. Presenteer je eigen uitvoering van een White Stripes song of een ander lied dat het publiek zal overtuigen. En bestel Tal's heerlijke kip schnitzel met aardappel salade, terwijl je praat met de avatars van de Girlfriend Experience. 23 februari 2007, Mediamatic Post CS

Machinima Workshop

From 27th of February to the 2d of March the Machinima workshop took place. Led by Machinima creators Daniel van Gils, Jonas Hielscher and Ricard Gras, participants learn what a machinima can all do, how to make it, and the participants will make a machinima clip or will set up another game-based project.


Machinima workshop flyer - 27 februari t/m 2 maart 2007, Mediamatic Post CS

Vergessene Fahnen

The interactive exhibition Vergessene Fahnen Florian Thalhofer and Juliane Henrich is from March the 30th until the 11th of May at Mediamatic Post CS. With an interactive road movie and photos Thalhofer speaks about compatriots who, months after the World Cup in 2006, still hanging the national flag. The exhibition was an edition of the CD-ROM magazine Mediamatic Off-Line with the full version of Korsakow Vergessene Fahnen. The photographs in the exhibition are by Juliane Henrich. As part of the exhibition there is a DIY dinner with Weißwurst from Schwandorf, Brezel from Stuttgart, Senf of Haendelmayr, real Dutch radish and Naabecker beer from Bavaria.


Vergessene Fahnen at Mediamatic - 30 maart - 11 mei 2007, Mediamatic Post CS

It's Happening Now!

On May the 6 It's Happening Now! took place: an unpredictable, and totally sold out evening with more than 20 artists who still believe a Happening have any chance of success. With performances and contributions by Alexandra Bachzetsis, Marc Bijl, Tina Bleuler, Martin Butler, Mr. and Mrs. Cameron, Bogomir Doringer, Nezaket Ekici, Cyrus Frisch, Arnoud Holleman, Rob Malasch, Junko Murakawa, LA Raeven, Tarik Sadouma, Style Free, Stefanos Tsivopoulos, Ulay, Lies and Vanborm Louwrien Wijers.


Marc Bijl - opnames voor videoclip Goetterdaemmerung - foto van Marco Wessel Marco Wessel

Hybrid World Lab

During the new workshop Hybrid World Lab from the first until the 11th of May participants develop prototypes of "hybrid world" applications conducted by highly experienced new media makers as Timo Arnall. We work with RFID, unique digital identification, cell phones, and GPS receivers to link digital media to physical places and things. The workshop examines the role of media makers in the context of the increasingly intimate fusion of digital and physical space.


Spelen met GPS tracers in the Hybrid World Lab - 7 - 11 mei 2007: Een nieuwe workshop waarin de deelnemers prototypes ontwikkelen van 'hybrid world' toepassingen o.l.v. zeer ervaren nieuwe media makers zoals Timo Arnall. Er werd gewerkt met RFID, unieke digitale identificatie, mobiele telefoons, en GPS ontvangers om digitale media aan fysieke plekken en dingen te koppelen. De workshop onderzoekt de rol van media makers in de context van de steeds intiemere fusie van digitale en fysieke ruimte. Deelnemers en trainers: Trainers: Timo Arnall

You Only Live Twice

On June the 10th, students present their graphic design at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy on You Only Live Twice. With work around the virtual world of Second Life 'avatar mirroring', performances, lectures and a Second Life Art Magazine.


You Only Live Twice - Second Life at Mediamatic 10 juni 2007, Mediamatic Post CS

El Hema Late night

In preparation for the El HEMA Mediamatic organises nine salons 'public research' in which everyone is welcome to think about the El HEMA. Every late night shopping, there are presentations and ideas of designers, artists and other specialists on the creation of imaginary El Hema.


Presentatie van het idee voor een Arabische Jip en Janneke door Max Kisman - 21 juni 2007: El Hema Koopavond 1. Mediamatic organiseert in de aanloop naar de El HEMA 9 salons, 'public research' waarin iedereen welkom is om mee te denken over de El HEMA. Iedere koopavond zijn er presentaties en ideeën van ontwerpers, kunstenaars en andere specialisten over de inrichting van denkbeeldige El HEMA. Iedere donderdag vanaf 19.00 uur. Op de eerste avond kwam o.a. ontwerper Max Kisman met een idee voor een Arabische Jip en Janneke. 21 juni 2007: El HEMA Koopavond 1, Mediamatic…

Starting point of the El Hema its Arab digital fonts and book Typographic Matchmaking Huda Smitshuijzen Abifares of the Khatt Foundation. On this second late night shopping Huda says along with designer Tarek Attrisi about the Arabic script and the possibilities for designing in the Arab world.


28-06-2007 Presentation of het Arabische Alfabet - El Hema Koopavond - El Hema Koopavond 2. Starting point of the El HEMA are Arabic digital fonts and the book Typographic Matchmaking by Huda Smitshuijzen Abifares of the Khatt Foundation. On this second evening Huda and designer Tarek Attrisi will talk about Arabic writing and the possibilities for design in the Arab world. 28 June 2007: El HEMA Koopavond 2. During the Koopavonden (Buying Evenings), designers from the Middle East and the Netherlands talked to visitors. Together they thought about El HEMA products…

During the third brainstorming evening the main topic was: "How could a project about an imaginary Arabic HEMA look like?". All kinds of ideas appear on the wall.


Ideeën muur El HEMA - 5 juli 2007, Salon El HEMA koopavond 3 - El HEMA Koopavond 3. Loop binnen en doe/denk me. Derde brainstormavond met de opdracht: Hoe zou een project over een denkbeeldige Arabische Hema eruit zien? Allerlei ideeën verschijnen aan de muur en Kristin Maurer gaf een analyse van de typische Hema-inrichting, Huda Smitshuijzen, Abifares en Tarek Atrissi hebben de definitieve versie van het El HEMA logo uitgewerkt. Er was een presentatie van een Palestijnse ondergoedlijn en veel andere ideeën. En er…


Presentatie van de maquette voor de denkbeeldige Arabische HEMA - 26 juli 2007: El HEMA koopavond 6 . Zo gaat de El HEMA er uit zien. De eerste maquette van de winkel, gemaakt door Kristin Maurer, laat zien hoe de tentoonstelling er uit gaat zien op 24 augustus. Vanavond waren er o.a. presentaties van de vijf ontwerpers uit Kuwait en Libanon die meewerken aan de tentoonstelling. JoAnn DeLuna

El HEMA is about digital letters, so an Arab chocoladeletter can not and should not be missed. This is the very first prototype of the mold in order to make chocolate Arabic letters.


Bernardo heeft de eerste Arabische Chocoladeletter gemaakt - 2 augustus 2007: De El HEMA gaat over digitale letters, dus een Arabische chocoladeletter kan en mag niet ontbreken. Dit is het allereerste prototype van de mal om Arabische chocoladeletters te maken. Applaus tijdens Koopavond 7. Koopavond 7, 2 augustus 2007, Mediamatic Post CS

Opening El HEMA

In the weekend of 24 - August 26 the opening of El HEMA. The opening coincides with the Uitmarkt. A catwalk fashion show, in association with choreographer Martin Butler, Kufi typographical workshops, mint tea, Arabic music and long queues in front of the store. The opening makes news at the NOS news, NOVA, the BBC, all over the radio stations and in every newspaper.

This weekend as well the symposium Khatt, Kufi & Kaffiya. A symposium in the new Amsterdam Public Library in cooperation with the Khatt Foundation. Almost 200 international participants talked about digital fonts and designs. Together they celebrated the opening of El HEMA, the start of a new community of designers, and the launch of the book Typographic Matchmaking.

Everything about the El HEMA can be found on


EL HEMA modeshow - El Hema modeshow op de uitmarkt, 24-08-07 Tijdens UitMarkt 2007 Marieke Bijster

First FabLab in the Netherlands at Mediamatic

From August the 24th, the First FabLab in the Netherlands at Mediamatic. A FabLab allows artists, product designers, small companies, but especially individuals themselves can execute a product idea. Access to the FabLab is free. Plenty of attention in the NRC Next, in various other Newspapers and radio. Dozens of interested people register themselves and start with the production of all kinds of ideas.


Opening eerste Fablab van Nederland in NRC NEXT - 25 augustus 2007: De eerste opstelling van een Fablab in Nederland staat vanaf 24 augustus bij Mediamatic. Volop aandacht in de NRC Next, in diverse andere kranten en bij de radio. Tientallen geïnteresseerden melden zich en beginnen met de productie van allerlei ideeën. 24 augustus 2007 Michel Langendijk

Lecture by Casey Reas

During the salon on September the 20th, Casey Reas gives a lecture on Processing. This is an open source software with special cultural features. With Processing visually oriented people can fairly easily create interactive and visual things on their computer.


Processing with Casey Reas - Presentation at Mediamatic Mediamatic Salon, 10 september 2007, Mediamatic Post CS

Picnic 2007

Picnic is an annual event for professionals in the field of creativity, innovation and cross media. Prior to this event Mediamatic organises from the 22d until 25th of September, the Social RFID Hacker Camp.


Hard werken tijdens de RFID & Physical Computing Hackers Camp . - 21 t/m 28 september: Deelnemers / trainers waren: Mark Hoekstra, Ubi de Feo (NL-IT), Andy Smith, (USA-NL), Nadya Peek, Timo Arnall (N), Mark Wubben, Tim Olden, David Kousemaker, Mika Raento (F), Vlad Trifa (R), Don Blaauw, Einar Sneve Martinussen (N), Jorn Knutsen (N), Pablos Holman (USA), Marc Boon, Erik Borra, Dirk van Oosterbosch, Jim Wood (UK), Melanie Rieback and Klaas Kuitenbrouwer. 22 t/m 25 september 2007, Westergasfabriek

The results of this Hacker Camp where presented at PICNIC, where people can play with their own RFID tags.


Go Play with your Tag @ Mediamatic - picnic07 25 t/m 29 september: Tijdens Go Play with your Tag toonde Mediamatic tijdens Picnic 07 de nieuwste culturele RFID toepassingen. Deze werden het resultaat van het door Mediamatic georganseerde Hackerscamp voorafgaand aan Picnic. Duizenden Picnic bezoekers gebruikten de Photobooth, de Friend Drink Stations, de I Tea, the Badger en de Racket reader. During the Concepts for Social RFID 25 t/m 29 september 2007, Westergasfabriek Marieke Bijster

All visitors of PICNIC had a profile on the PICNIC website and got a RFID tag to which this profile was linked. With this you could tag along with someone you do not know go to the friend drinking stations, scan your badge and then the profiles are linked on the website and you will receive a voucher for a free drink.


De Friend Drink Stations onthuld - PICNIC, 25 t/m 29 september, Westergasfabriek

Mediamatic also presents PICNIC The Girlfriend Experience Back Online Martin Butler. During four days, everyone could go on PICNIC from home and log in to four human avatars.

Dutch Design Prize for THE HEMA

On October the 20th Jort Kelder presents the Dutch Design Prizes in Eindhoven. El HEMA wins in the category "Visual Identity".


Jort Kelder in El HEMA hoody - Jort Kelder presenteerde de Nederlandse Design Prijzen in Eindhoven op 20 oktober 2007. El Hema won in de categorie 'Visuele Identiteit'. Foto: Nederlandse Designprijzen

Moving Image Lab @ B3 Media Workshop London

Under supervision by Jakob Schillinger (D), Sascha Pohflepp (D) and Klaas Kuitenbrouwer (NL) the Moving Image Lab takes place, from October the 28th until November the 2d. Here you will learn about trends in a web culture and learn about new cultural practices related to the Internet.


Hardwerkende deelnemers tijdens het Moving Image Lab @ B3 Media workshop in Londen. - 28 oktober t/m 2 november: Onder begeleiding van Jakob Schillinger (D), Sascha Pohflepp (D) en Klaas Kuitenbrouwer (NL) leer je over tendensen in de web cultuur en wordt je up-to-date gebracht over nieuwe culturele praktijken met betrekking tot het internet. Deelnemers: Diana Liyanage, Joyce Treasure, Adiel Khan, Bhavesh Hindocha, Deborah Salvador, Dorota Walentynowicz, George Butler en Naheed Raza. 28 oktober t/m 2 november 2007 Onder begeleiding van Jakob Schillinger (D), Sascha Pohflepp (D…

EL HEMA design

During the Museum Night on November 3d the winners of the EL HEMA design will be announced. Anyone can join the design. The website made more than one hundred new products. During the Museumnacht Schotelsticker wins the prize, the Vaat-i-maatjes and the 1000-en-een-nacht-kussen wins the second prize, furthermore there were honorable mentions for, among others, Arab tea towels and sprinkles. René Repko from the real Hema was one of the judges.


Ontwerpen voor de El HEMA Ontwerpwedstrijd - impressie 3 november: Iedereen kon meedoen aan de El HEMA ontwerpwedstrijd. Via de website werden meer dan honderd nieuwe producten ingediend. Tijdens Museumnacht kreeg de Schotelsticker de hoofdprijs, de Vaat-i-maatjes en de 1000-en-een-nacht-kussen de tweede prijs, en waren er eervolle vermeldingen voor o.a. Arabische theedoeken en hagelslag. Rene Repko van de echte Hema was een van de juryleden. prijsuitreiking op 3 november 2007 tijdens de Museumnacht De El HEMA was ook een ontwerpwedstrijd. Sannah de Zwart