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The Automatiek

Interactive installation for the Museum of National History

On May 26th, 2010 the Museum of National History presented the Automatiek. Mediamatic Lab contributed to the design, built the installation and provides ongoing technical support. The Automatiek is an interactive installation that combines a typical Dutch snack machine, RFID technology, video and objects that evoke Dutch history.

"Times are changing. There's more and more space for new forms, new content and new public." Paul Spies, managing director of the Amsterdam Historic Museum began his speech with addressing the importance of innovation in musea. The Automatiek is the example of such a change. "It's an educational product, and we're happy that we can contribute to this project." He said.

The thing that makes the Automatiek unique is the fact that visitors of the museum can share and contribute history themselves. The Museum for National History wants to point out how important it is to involve people with history. Eric Schilp and Valentijn Bijvanck, directors of the museum shared their appreciation with all parties that were contributing in any way. "Everything we accomplished was made possible by co-operation and input from our partners."

The Automatiek is an interactive installation that combines several technologies. Museum visitors who'd like to buy an historic souvenir, create a personal RFID pass. With the implementation of a ikCam and a digital printer, it's possible to personalize the pass with a picture as well. Simultaneously the user will get a personal profile on the website of the Automatiek.

By adding money to the card people can open a slot. The object is tagged with a label that provides extra information, but there also movie clips available. By scanning the RFID card, users can log which object they bought on the website. On the site, you can see what objects are bought by others and who bought the same object as you. People connect with history and with one another.

Watch a video of the Automatiek.