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Copy: ikCam Alleycat

Photo finish 2.0

Mediamatic Lab organized this race for fixed gear riders and bicycle lovers as part of the Sur Place exhibition of the Mediamatic Foundation. A project with the ikTag, the ikCam and a big city subculture.

For this race Mediamatic Lab came up with a new game element. At six different places around Amsterdam we installed ikCams, that function as checkpoints. There is no predefined track. The rider makes his own route.

All participants get an ikTag wich is connected to their online profile. With the tag they can mark their checkpoints by making a picture with the ikCam. The photo will automatically be published on the profile page. With every picture the elapsed time from the start is tracked and published too. Besides time tracking the ikCam also gives an emotional touch to the race report.

At the Mediamatic BANK the entire race can be followed with live streaming of the checkpoint pictures. The photos and status updates are shown on the backchannel. You can participate in the Alleycat from May 8th until the end of August 2010.

24 hours race

The 1st of May 2010 we used the ikCam game element for a 24 hours race, from Amsterdam to Rotterdam and back. This 430 kilometer long race was initiated by Kees Vernooij and Mediamatic. During this day there was live coverage from the Mediamatic BANK, the start and finish point at the Vijzelstraat. Checkpoint pictures, Twitter messages and the race timing were streamed on the website and visible through the backchannel.