Caspar Menkman

Day 4: Cigarettes vs. iPhones

Write on Wall.

Cigarettes or telephones what will be the medium that is going to be used for WOW. The team is still struggling to decide if they will change their initial concept.


wow — write on wall - Eelco is working on the projection for the "write on wall" installation. A real physical digital graffiti wall. Robert Keil

The prospect of having your installation in the Paradiso smoking area is causing the problems. Where initially the project was supposed to be exhibited in the Mediamatic Bank the opportunities presented by the inclusion of Paradiso in the Dev Camp has sparked discussion. One thing is for sure the central premise of the project stays the same. A camera and a projector will be installed side by side. Both of them will be targeted at a white screen that is placed against a window. The users of the installation will be asked to press a light emitting object (cigarette/mobile phone) against the screen so the camera that is placed on the opposing side can record the light that penetrates through the window.

The recording will then be transferred from the camera to a computer that will process it and send it to the projector that beams the images back on the screen. The user of the installation will have a sense as if he/she is writing on the screen. When the user is done with his picture he can opt to save it to his own profile or send the results of his interaction with the installation as a message to someone he knows.

But before they can start building the interface they still have to decide which medium they will use. Cigarettes or Telephones...