Eelco Wagenaar

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IMG_2466 - Eelco Wagenaar

Amsterdam based media artist.

At this moment finishing the Master of Fine Arts program at Dutch Art Institute.

Being a former product developer/project manager at a major technology company (consumer products), developing complete products starting from scratch.
Now focusing on new media, applied arts and interactivity.

Teamed up with Arjan Scherpenisse to form 'on-signal'.
A 'dual core processor' with a focus on art & technology combining projects, covering software (Arjan) and hardware (Eelco) side of things. Building our concepts into working prototypes.

On-signal projects range from bluetooth technology, to RFID, to interactive video, installations, table tennis, and the like...

Also involved in organizing events, which concern participating with artists/designers..

concept thinking, industrial & interaction design, new media, organizing capabilities, fast-anticipating/reacting, hands on type a guy..

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