Alexander Krone, André Avelãs

White Trash Liquor Factory

Citizens could use a drink

This distillery was producing vodka and jenever from local organic waste. Even the copper that the distillery is made out of, was found in the neighborhood.


André and Alexander drinking their own 100% trash vodka - Hard work is soo rewarding! They are building the White Trash Liquor Factory (WTLF) in the Freezing Favela where they will use 100% waste from the Oostenburger Eiland where Czar Peter the Great interned to learn about dutch shipbuilding innovations in the 17th century. WTLF makes make hyper local Jenever (Anna) and Vodka (Peter). This is how we are celebrating Dutch Russian Cultural Friendship in 2013. (hey Putin, FREE PUSSY RIOT). This picture was taken at Mediamatic Fabriek. White Trash Liquor Factory is a project and… Erik Diekstra

The plan is easy: go around the neighborhood of Oostenburgereiland, collect organic rubbish, ferment it and then distill it in a still we built ourselves from the copper we found around Mediamatic Fabriek.

Once this is done we can enjoy the moonshine that was created out of pretty much nothing.

But this needs preparation and research: exactly what kind of rubbish do we collect so the produced alcohol will end up tasting somewhat ok, where do we get copper from, where will we get juniper berries from for jenever, where do we get the heating from at the Fabriek for our fermentation, how do we measure the percentage of alcohol in our moonshine?

Anyone who knows something or has a little bit of experience in home brewing and distilling can help us by sharing their wisdom. Local restaurants and canteens will save us a lot of time and strength by saving some of their trash. Anyone who is not using their copper pipes could give them to us in exchange for our premium moonshine!