Willem Velthoven, Saro Van Cleynenbreugel, Els Engel, Wendy Monroe, Johan Meffert

Aquaponics Farm

For homegrown fish and vegetables

The Freezing Favela needs farmers to provide food. Aquaponics is the best way to produce food sustainably in the city. Plants and fish are cultivated together and help each other survive and grow.


Horizontal aquaponics installation - Picture taken at Mediamatic Fabriek. This is the horizontal aquaponics installation. The vertical one features the plant containers aligned vertically. This one takes up a bit more space, but it is also easier to take care of the plants (no ladders etc.). Erik Diekstra

We can provide vegetables for nice dinners and with about one thousand catfish in our systems, we will be able to feed the citizens fresh fish by the time summer comes. We also have lots and lots of mushrooms. We use them to keep up CO2 levels in our tent. If you want to know more about aquaponics, read the project page. We will also give workshops to train new farmers.

An aquaponics system needs:

1. The right temperature.
2. Enough light and food for the fish.

We currently provide these conditions in our silver tent, and we're brooding on new solutions to meet the requirements.

Aquaponics is a very diverse subject. There's always something to do in these areas:

- Engineering. Tyler is currently making a new design for a modular system.
- Growing plants.
- Raising fish.
- Keeping bacterial balance.
- Chemical expertise, to test our water balances.

At the moment we're searching for answers in these areas:

- Light.
- Insects, like black soldier flies to feed our fish.
- Pest control.