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Composer/performer born in Israel, now based in London and Amsterdam. His work consists mostly of the interactive combination of live electronics and acoustic instruments, as well as the use of multimedia. He performs with flute, voice and electronics. His compositions have been performed by contemporary ensembles such as: The Tate Ensemble, SOIL, The Roentgen Connection, Vocal Lab and LOOS, and have been broadcast and performed internationally. In 2000 he was awarded the Henriette Bosmans prize by the Association of Dutch Composers (GeNeCo).
He is also a singer-songwriter, practising electronic troubadourism with his laptop and voice, and fronting the electro-rock-cabaret band iNiT.

Guy collaborated with musician Meira Asher, with whom he co-founded the Bodylab Arts Foundation. He is also a core member of the POW Ensemble. He has produced a number of multimedia works: Stereo Dogs, Nocturnaround and Imaginary Friends. His recent piece, the chamber opera Jasser, toured throughout Holland in 2006/07.

At the moment he is studying for a PhD in electroacoustic composition at City University in London focusing on the ritual elements of live electroacoustic performance.

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