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Zeger Reyers - Anisa Xhomaqi

With: Zeger Reyers

Zeger Reyers believes that humans have become secondary to their own manipulated environments and as such, there is now not a single cell left traversing its ‘natural' course. As such, Reyers has become one of the Hague’s most remarkable installation artists with a strong fascination for biological processes such as eating, growing, and dying.

Using this fascination and all sorts of living materials, Reyers aims to show typical processes in non-typical situations, by confronting the artificial with the natural. In this way, Reyers' installations provoke a new way of observing natural processes, as well as the uncontrollable nature of biology.

It should be noted that Reyers does not aim to pass moral judgment on the influence of man on the environment. Rather, his intention is to amplify the wonders and strength of nature, whilst at the same time highlighting the vulnerability of the man-made and artificial that has become our ‘nature.’ Whilst there are always many levels of interpretations of his work, Reyers always aims to disturb our sense of comfort.

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  • Zeger Reyers
  • Bilderdijkstraat 141
  • 2513 CN
  • The Hague
  • NL


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