Fish&Chips Apparatus

Machine, human, environment, computer, will co-design and co-evolve into new artificial living systems.

The "Fish&Chips Apparatus" fits into the context of International Exhibition design “Spontaneous Schooling”, with the participation of 86 architectural workshops around the world.


Fish system - - 60 lt. tropical fish tank furnished with: _heating system _filtration system _lasercutted cover _interactive floating feeders -25 tropical fishes _1 arduino board with lasercutted holder _16 flex sensors with custom dedicated circuit board _1 lasercutted food holder -custom codes and digital parametric models. -apparatus diagram and coral gardens original digital drawings. Picture found on ecoLogicStudio's website

Fishes swim around floating feeders agitating them and producing small and high frequency waves. The sensors are recording waves frequency in real time while the waves patterns and therefore fish colonies patterns are read by a parametric modelling software generating an ever evolving design output. The digital gardens drawings become interactive maps of the fish colonies daily behavior, of the visitors feeding patterns and the designer reaction to them both.