Elian Veltman


Elianʼs great-grandfather was the owner of a bicycle shop in Maarn not far from Utrecht. His whole family has been actively riding, repairing and working with bikes for generations. Even Elianʼs grandmother spoked wheels for Fongers, one of the largest bike manufacturers in the area.

As a teenager Elian would often ʻimproveʼ and ʻmodifyʼ his own bikes to match his riding style and he soon progressed to making his own bikes from scratch. It was competitive track riding that caught Elianʼs imagination and fueled his quest to build the perfect track bike.

The purity of a track bikeʼs form meant that there was no place to hide imperfections or poor design decisions. Any limitations would be quickly found out in the Velodrome.

After studying Automotive engineering, Elian was hired by one of Hollandʼs foremost luxury car marques, Donkerfoort. He also spent time working with X Motorcycles, a Dutch style Orange Country Choppers customised workshop. He learned a lot but found he was still more motivated by two pedal powered wheels rather than four.

Commercially building for over a decade now, Elianʼs achievements include reinterpreting the Dutch ʻcargo bikeʼ to international design acclaim, creating Minute ʻa small bike for great mindsʼ and rejuvenating the classic brand Primarius. But heʼs still primarily focused on hand crafting his clientʼs interpretation of their own perfect bicycle. Which is why it always takes two to build an Elian bike, you and him.

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