Alie Sonneveldt

'Truc Troc'


Artists and art lovers meeting each other and making interesting swap deals.


Art Truc Troc - An art fair based on the notion of swapping, money is not an issue here.


A cultural committee together with other art related foundations which followed up the idea originally thought of by the sculptor Mon De Rijck (1943) and started in 1971.


A swap-market for artists and art lovers where interesting swaps are being made. The artists offer their artworks in a stand after which the public will walk around and make their biddings. It has the look of a market, except that the valuta is everything you can think of, but money is not allowed.

Examples of ‘valuta‘ are trips to Paris or somewhere at sea, legal advices, massages, websites, drums and many more. Because of the unusual way of trading the vibe is way more informal, it is not just a money transfer, it is a real-life event where people help each other out in an uncommon, very social way. More info here.


This is a very clear example of how big the swap industry could be and how we don't need money to get everything we want. Here the main object is art, but this could easily be something else as well.