Melt Ice cream factory

Popsicles in crazy shapes

In and around a colorful pop-up wagon we, Leonie and Eva, sell our crazy shaped popsicles. And we don't just sell them, we design and produce the ice cream as well. We design popsicles in all kinds of surprising flavors and shapes and produce them ourselves, using our own machines. Next to selling popsicles on dance events, we are now also present in the Freezing Favela. Cool down on the terrace with a rose-raspberry or mint-lemon flavored popsicle.


MELT popsicles - Erik Diekstra


Describe your plan in depth

A year ago the idea of making popsicles started. And not just ordinary popsicles, but popsicles in every imaginable shape. We produce the ice cream ourselves and sell them on mostly dance events and other locations on which people are in need of a nice, cold popsicle. We own most of the production chain, including self-built machines and other technical solutions. Except for the raw materials and ingredients we are completely independent. We design and produce everything ourselves together with friends and everybody who likes to join, from the digital 3d models until the outfits of our ice cream sellers. In this way we can convert our or other people's crazy ideas into beautifully shaped ice cream, using little money and time.

In Freezing Favela we want to give people the opportunity to have a look in our production process by building a small open ice cream factory next to the pop-up canteen. Although we have had a few events we are still very curious at what people think of our popsicles en we would like to start new collaborations. New delicious flavors and crazy shapes, improving our production process and share knowledge. The reason for this: popsicles are too boring right now.

The factory will be built around our pop-up wagon. We want to move a part of the production process to the Favela, like the designing of the shapes, producing templates, producing and testing new flavors and making actual popsicles that we like to sell on the terrace when the sun in shining. Surface: 15m2

Who can help you achieving your goals and when

We can use all help that is offered to us. Both with inventing new flavors and building the factory as well as with designing the popsicles. We are not exactly sure when we are going to start.