Alexander Gershberg

Vegan Sundays

Vegan cooking workshops with local products

In Alexander's cooking workshops you prepare a vegan menu, inspired on different cultures using locally grown vegetables. Organic, unprocessed food. Next to that, Alexander, a cook and choreographer, changes dinner into an entire experience by collaborating with other artists. You can check his website and Facebook page.


Vegan Sundays - Alexander Gershberg cooking together with David Catedralus Aizenkott


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Vegan Sundays is an initiative from the vegan chef Alexander Gershberg following his wish to inspire the world to eat differently. Alexander was born in Russia, raised up in Israel and for the last seven years he is based in Amsterdam as a freelance dancer and chef. He makes colorful, energetic food that tastes great- that’s what he’s working on. Alexander experiments with ingredients, dishes and techniques inspired by the cultures he is coming from.

The food is consciously 100% vegan and organic, using locally grown vegetables as much as possible and whole grains and foods, rather then refined and commercial grains, fats and sugars. Alexander believes that by eating like this, people will be happier, healthier and live in harmony with other people and their environment.

As a dancer and choreographer, Alexander experiments and combines food, performance arts, design and music during his events working with various artists. The favela is a very inspiring working space for him to bring these collaborations together. You can follow his cooking workshops, dinners and dance events.