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Master Shake -

Mijn naam is Christopher Helt. Ik werk een dag per week bij Mediamatic. Verder schrijf ik voor het muziektijdschrift Gonzo en zet ik me in voor kunst- en djcollectief 'Kapel voor de Moderne' .

"A lot of people come into it from purely a musician’s standpoint, thinking ‘Hey, I can make a little bit of money spinning tunes, keep my profile up...’ I don’t think that’s a very valid reason for picking up some records, especially with the availability and how easy it is. All you gotta do is have the money to do it and it can be done. Very, very little is required. In fact, now you could go and download a whole record collection and then go get Final Scratch and be the best DJ in the world. But I’ll tell you this: if I walk into a party, and I know a jock has access to his whole collection to be able to bring to the party, I’m gonna walk outta there crying and be, like, two inches taller or two inches shorter or sumthin’. To me, that’s bypassing the necessary suffering for an art form and hyeah, records are clumsy, they’re fragile, they take up space. Yeah you can damage ‘em. Yeah you gotta clean ‘em and yeah – guess what? – after a time they will wear out and you won’t be able to use ‘em again. But that’s how it is. That’s what it’s about. People are making it far too easy. Far too easy."

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