International Solidarity Evening

Activists sharing stories, music, films, ideas and food.

26 Oct 2013

Creative activists from different countries living in the Netherlands come together and share their stories, experiences, music, dance, film, food, drinks etc.


Authentieke muziek - De International Solidarity Evening werd voorzien van sfeervolle muziek. Max van Boxel


First half of the evening is for creation: Some of us cook in the kithchen, some make a music rehearsal, one paints, other work on something else... we all work, create and get to know each other...

Second half is for coming all together, eating, listening to each others stories, music, dance, fılm etc.

International GEZI Ensemble from GEZI, a city symphony project will have a performance.

When you come please bring some food, ingredients for cooking (anything you like to have in the food we are going to cook), drinks and anything you want to share with us like telling a story, singing a song, film, painting, workshop etc.

Starting from 16:00 we will be there!

Hopefully see you on Saturday!!